Corporate Services

Mr. Raymond Nadeau was recognized as Concierge after following specialiced training at Merici College (International Hospitality for Executive Concierge). He has many years of experience in the hotel industry as bellboy, doorkeeper and concierge and is an instructor approved by Emploi Québec.

For more information, please contact :

M. Raymond Nadeau at (418) 998.1000 or by email :

Le Concierge can help employees manage their time more efficiently, creating a more productive work atmosphere. The fact that the employees concentrate on work problems, not personal problems, is good news for the employer.
There are already many companies such Groupe Océan, Le Consulat général de France à Québec, the EO Group (Entrepreneurs Organisations), La Survivance, Le Charbon steak house, l’Aviatic Club, certain lawyer firms of Québec and around the world, DataVox, and more, that use Le Concierge’s services.

Quelques services offerts. Notre seule limite: votre imagination!

All services offered by La Firme Le Concierge are confidential.

  • Coordinate and organise your events
  • Manage and plan transportation around the world
  • Finding meeting venues
  • Security service
  • Anniversary management for clients and employees
  • Finding an apartment or a house for a new employee
  • Planning weekend escapes
  • Show and theatre ticket reservations