Personal Services


You’re planning a special event, a trip or a romantic evening and you’re having problems getting it right. Let Raymond, your concierge, help you. He knows how to plan your event to the last detail, the way you like it. He will impress you with his creativity and his planning skills.

Le Concierge can also make your wildest dreams come true. You wish to see the U2 show in London or the Phil Collins show in Montreal? No problem! Let Raymond take care of everything and be assured you will live your dream to its fullest extent.

You have to attend a meeting in Toronto or in beautiful Quebec City and you wish to bring your family along. Le Concierge will find activities for everyone in your family to make their stay an exciting one.

You wish to have information on the St-Jacques-de-Compostelle experience?
Get in touch with Raymond.

Here are a few services offered. Our limit is your imagination, and maybe more!

  • Make your dreams come true
  • Plan a last minute surprise
  • Special event planning
  • Finding the best tickets to shows and events
  • Boat, luxury cars and limousine rental
  • A round trip supper to New York
  • Yacht reception in Québec
  • Trip planning around the world
  • Complete wedding planning